Electrovalve 100 HV 1″ 24V

Catalogue code: ELE100HV

Height: 11.7 cm
Length: 11.2 cm
Width: 7.9 cm

Flow rate: 0,2-30gpm (0,05-6,82 m3/h; 0,01-1,89 l/s). If flow rate is lower than 3gph (0,68 m3/h; 0,19 l/s) or Xeri (Xerigation) micro-hydration mode is applied,
please use the pre-installed RBY-100-200MX filter.
Pressure: 15 – 150 psi (1-10.3 bar)
Water temperature: up to 43°C
Ambient temperature: up to 52°C

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 24 VAC – 50.60Hz
Inrush current: 250A at 60Hz
Hold current: 0.143A at 60Hz
Resistance: 52-55 Ohm