Quality assurance

The strategic goal of MPJ is to produce fittings for PE pipes at the level which meets the expectations of the most demanding clients, that is the level that guarantees the highest possible quality of our products and the most state-of-the-art technology.

The Quality Assurance Policy dictates everything we do; governs every decision we make and helms every step of the production cycle.

Our priority is clear: to meet all requirements set out by the client in terms of PE fittings used in external plastics networks; to meet highest quality standards of our business partners around the world; to guarantee to buyers full satisfaction and operational reliability. All this we achieve through perfected production and customer service methods.

Here is how we accomplish our goals:

  • Continuous quality improvement,
  • Partner-based cooperation with both our clients and suppliers,
  • Established trademark as a guaranty of quality,
  • Highly motivated employees, constant qualification and work improvement,
  • Periodic overviews aimed at assessing system efficacy and functionality,
  • Clear main guideline: every employee is responsible for product quality,
  • Implementation and improvement of Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015; development towards complex quality management.

Fully focused on Client’s satisfaction, we aim at raising the bar for ourselves: improving our qualifications in order to power on more effectively.

We respond to one boss only: our Client. They are the one to motivate us, punish or reward our actions, and they are the reason why we strive for perfection.