Spigot fittings

To join PE pipes and fittings by butt fusion, pipe ends are exposed to a heater plate, which renders them malleable. With fusion force applied, the joint elements cool down together naturally.

Pipe ends must be clean and damage-free.

To prepare the elements, make sure that surfaces on both ends are smooth, perfectly aligned, even across the entire diameter and with the oxidized layer peeled off.

Align the elements in the heater plate assembly coaxially.

Once in the heater plate assembly, the ends become malleable. They are brought together under the prescribed interface pressure, which is maintained for the required cooling time.

While the elements are pressed together, the heated material is pushed outwards and inwards forming outflows. It is essential in this step to ensure that the most waste material comes out.

Avoid butt fusion in: bad weather conditions, ambient temperature below 0 °C, fog – regardless of temperature. In such cases it is recommended to do the procedure under a protective tent.