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Spigot fittings


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Assembly instruction of spigot fittings:


Assembly of spigot fittings

The butt fusion welding of PE pipes and fittings involves proper heating and plastifying jointed ends by contact with heating plate, and after removing the plate the parts are pressed to one another and the connection is cooled naturally.

Ends of fusion welded elements may not be dirty nor have mechanical damages.

Preparation of jointed elements involves plaining the butting surfaces flush and making the entire cross-section even and free of oxidized material layer.

Jointed elements should be aligned axially in the welding machine.

After inserting the heating plate and heating up the ends of elements, they are taken out, the plate is removed, the elements are pressed to one anther and their surfaces are cooled.

During the process of pressing together the jointed elements the plasticized material is pushed into the outside and the inside of the joint forming rolled flashes. This stage of the process should be carried out in such a manner so that the major part of the flash material be pushed to the outside of the joint.

Butt welding should not be carried out during bad weather conditions, at ambient temperature of below 0°C, as well as in the fog - regardless of the temperature. In such case it is suggested to use special tent for protecting the welding site.