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Electrofusion welders


MPJ SP. Z O. O.  SP. K

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         Electrofusion control units are used for electrofusion fusion of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes used for building networks distributing water, gas and other utilities. The fusion method involves connecting pipe section with a fitting (electrofusion fitting). Electricity flowing through a heating coil sealed in the fitting melts the materials the fitting and pipe are made of and joins them.

 Zgrzewarka elektrooporowa

The device has a microprocessor controller that makes the operation as easy as possible and ensures complete control of the fusion process.

The fusion process parameters indicated on the welded fitting , such as:

  • welding voltage (V) 
  • time welding (seconds)  
  • electrofusion fittings type
  • electrofusion fittings diameter
  • cooling time

are set manually on the keypad.

In the case of setting of reader (or manually entering the bar code) to correct time, depending on the welding temperature is done automatically. In the case of manual setting of the correction must be trained welder by entering the appropriate (already adjusted) value of the welding.

The last 10 seconds of the heating time is signaled by an intermittent sound signal and the end of heating is signaled by a constant sound signal.

During the welding process, the device monitors the continuity of the circuit shapes signal after a period of 3 sec. modulated signal on the occurrence of an acoustic break in the circuit elektrozłączki or below the current decline in 0, 5 A.

Welder has an automatic voltage heating, ensuring the maintenance of the value set to an accuracy of 2.5% for voltage fluctuations in these limits.

download user manual welders in doc format.