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Electrofusion fittings


MPJ SP. Z O. O.  SP. K

15, Jana Kasprowicza Street
20-232 Lublin

tel. +48 81 472 22 22
fax +48 81 472 20 00

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gadu-gadu: 2093980

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mufa elektrooporowa

budowa mufa ekektrooporowa

Technical Data

  • Material: The Raw material complies with the requirements of EN 1555 i EN 12201
  • Electrofusion fittings are made of PE100

Geometrical characteristic

  • Measurements of dimensions comply requirements of EN ISO 3126
  • All dimentions of fittings comply requirements of EN 1555 and EN 12201
  • Electrofusion fittings are manufactured in SDR11

Resistance to internal pressure

  • Gas:
    • Maximum operating pressure (MOP)
    • 10 bar - for SDR11
  • Water:
    • Maximum operating pressure (MOP)
    • PN16 - for SDR11

Fusion on the fitting can be made using:

  1. Bar code (containing all parameters)
  2. Manual (entering parameters from the etiquette)

      Electrofusion fittings are produced from the top quality raw materials, with the use of most modern technologies, do not contain injurious materials what makes possible their usage in building and renovation of water supplies, gas supplies, sewage and industrial installations.

      The electroresisting type connection is the modern technology which enables strong, permanent and the secure connecting of polythene pipes PE80 and PE100 of SDR17 and SDR11. In our electrofusion fittings the resisiting wire inside fitting is applied by thin coat of the polyethylene. This prevents and protects the resisting wire before the mechanical damage during the process of weld when welded ends of pipe are pushed in to the electrofusion fitting.