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Electrofusion fittings


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Assembly instruction of electrofusion fittings:



In order to ensure the quality of the connection, assembly of electrofusion fittings  shall be carried out as follows:

Asembly of electrofusion fittings
1. Pre-assembly of pipes. Cut the pipe at the right angle to its axis using a plastic cutting machine equipped with a perpendicular position controller or a PE pipe cutter. Incorrect pipe cut may results in heater exposition, which will cause overheating and burrs during fusing.
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2. Measure out the fusing area for couplers, tees, reducers, pipe insertion depth, pipe areas to be covered by branch fittings. Remove the layer of oxidized polyethylene from the pipe area designated for fusing by use of scraper (sand paper is not allowed). Leaving the surface as it is or removing only some section of the oxidized film may results in untight fusion.
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3. Verify pipe dimensions (outside ones in particular) and ovality, as well as compliance with the requirements of PN-EN12201 and PN-EN1555 standards. If the ovality deviatesby more than 1,5% d or ≥ 1,5 mm, rounding rings should be applied. If the dimensions is incompliant with the requirements, fusing should not be started.
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4. Prior to the assembly, remove oil and other contaminants from the pipe and fitting inside surfaces using tissue with special PE cleaning agent.
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5. Pipe ends cleaned, insert the elements into the fitting(until outside retainer positions are reached) while controlling the insertion depth by markings on the pipe ends. Connections prepared for fusingmust not be exposed to stress. It is recommended to brace the connections with an element that would prevent from dislocation during fusing and cooling processes. Displacements or stress in the fusing areas may results in unacceptable material leakage and defective fusion. 

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6. Fusing process. Fusing should be performed as specified by the fusion machine manual, by entering fusing parameter manually or via barcode scan. The fittings have control burrs to monitor the process of fusing. However, the compliance with burr position does not clearly prove goog fusion quality, as its positions may vary depending on the gap between the pipe and the fiting. Safety regulations szhould be followed during the assembly and fusing work. 

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7. Branch fitting fusing : Follow the requirements presented in section 2 and 4 and install the branching line with colletson the pipe. Next, perform fusing as specified in section 6 and drill the openingin the pipe only after the elementsare fused and cooled. In order to avoid branch fitting damage, it is best to drill the opening by inserting a light-wall pipe first, than the drill.
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8. Welding of saddle tee adaptors with bore cutters. Prepare the pipe as described in sections 2 and 4, then install the tee on the pipe using the clamp. Perform the welding. After cooling, removethe nut fromthe tee and make a bore using the cutter on the tee. The cutter should be tightened until resistance, then removed to the level of the upper surface of the upper surface of the saddle tee top inlet. Tighten the tee nut until resistance.  montaz ksztaltki elektrooporowej

Note! The pipes and connectors shall be kept clean during assembly.