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MPJ SP. Z O. O.  SP. K

15, Jana Kasprowicza Street
20-232 Lublin

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Code Description
centrownik prosty
PE pipe clambing tool, straight   Tool for centering facilitates proper installation electrofusion fitting on the pipe ensuring it is completely immobilized during the process of welding cycle and the cooling phase. Electrofusion fitting and ends of the pipe remain perfectly centered which is important for the proper implementation of the weld. Diameter range: 16 - 63 mm.
centrownik uniwersalny
PE pipe clambing tool, universal 

Universal tool for centering is used in the welding electrofusion type of fittings like coupler, tee, elbow 90° and 45°. Diameter range: 16 - 63 mm.


zaciskacz ręczny
Manual squeeze-off tool
 Squeeze-Off tool for PE pipes is used to shut down the flow of gas or water in a damaged pipeline. Squeeze-Off tool have a rotating distance shield that prevents excessive damage to the pipe through the squeeze.
zaciskacz hydrauliczny
Hydraulic squeeze-off tool
 Hydraulic squeeze-off tool apply to pipes with diameters greater than 125 mm. Squeeze-off tool is easy to close the gas flow and side rings prevent excessive crushing of PE pipe likely to lead to damage.
skrobak ręczny
Hand scrapers
 Scraper used to remove the surface oxidized layer of polyethylene pipe. This operation is obligatory prior to electrofusion welding.
skrobak automatyczny Automatic scraper
Automatic scraper for PE pipe is a tool that provides quick and easy cleaning of oxidized layer of polyethylene pipes. Scraper blade moves in the axis of the pipe leading through the screw by what removing layer of polyethylene is by a spiral trajectory. Resilient mechanism ensures the correct pressure to the blade surface of the pipe.
isolation tape Isolation tape
Isolation tape is used to create anti-corrosion coatings for underground and ground pipelines. Purpose: mainly for insulation fittings, flange adaptors, socket, tees, screwed, in addition to corrosion protection gas and water pipelines.